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Music for Film and TV

Jock of the Bushveld - Best Original Film Score - 1988
FIFA-Africa is Calling 2010 Presentation in Berlin 2006
Chimfunshi – Film score 2005
Bitter Water Marah – KKNK KANA Film&Score Award Winner 2006

2007 Strictly Come Dancing - Assistant MD, Arranger & Pianist (5 Seasons)

Fusion - Comp&Arr. – A Bollywood theatre 2005

SABC Spectacular 2005

E.S.P.U.-13 Part series – Discovery Channel - USA

Forging a Nation – Educational film 1997
Miss South Africa 1996 - The African Fantasy
The Spar Fireworks Extravaganza - Sun City
Artes Awards 1987 and 1988
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Fangs musical, Evita musical, Pippin musical
SABC 3 - Theme and promo variations - 1996-1999
Astra Plus & Sport TV Station –Theme music 1996

Heat Dust and Dreams - Grammy Nomination 1993 

Tales of Africa –2010 - most recent of 15 solo albums


Q444-The Quadrilogy 2010 – 4Hr 44Mins

A work of staggering proportions due to be launched on the world stage for orchestra, choir, rock/jazz band, solo artists and machines, expounding the issues pertaining to global warming.

1.Extrapolations in Synchro Modular Constructions
2.Creations in Nuclear Industrial Modal Electronica
3.Variations on Seven Themes for Modern Projection Systems

4.Inventions in Kaleidoscopic 12 Tone Sketches in Orchestral Adventures

1986 – 1996 International touring with Johnny Clegg and Savuka : Anti-apartheid band that helped to spearhead the cultural change in SA.

Performed along side Sting, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Palmer, Steve Winwood, Tina Turner, George Michael, Joe Cocker, Earth Wind and Fire, David Bowie. Harry Belafonte.

Royal Schools of Music – Piano Grad Berklee Jazz College – Big Band Arr
Richard Cherry - Harmony&Counterpoint

Rockschool - LRSL Distinction (Teacher)

Musical Director, Composer, Orchestrator, Producer, Conductor & Music Teacher

Instruments: Piano, Keyboards, Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar, Bass, Orchestral and Latin Percussion. 

Studio: +27 11-469-1094
Mobile: +27 74-199-1664