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There are only two points of view. One that is wrong... and one... that is mine. C'mon, you gotta love it!!!

Generally speaking you aren't learning much when your mouth is moving - Julia Hutchinson - my lovely wife

Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. Mark Twain

I've learned from my mistakes and I'm sure I can repeat them exactly - Doug Rogers (EW)

Nelson Mandela's Inauguration Speech, 1994: ' Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.'

Bush Senior to Bush Junior, "Son. you're making the same mistake in Iraq that I made with your Mom - I didn't pull out in time."

23rd Psalm for Jazz Muzoids:
The Lord is my drummer, I shall not rush,
He maketh me to lay out in tasteful places,
He leadeth me beside cool meter changes,
He restoreth my “one.”
Yeah, man, though I read through the
trickiest of charts, I will fear no train wrecks,
For you are with it.
Your ride and your snare they comfort me,
You setteth up a solo for me
In the presence of mine guitarists,
You anointeth my lines with drive,
My groove overfloweth.
Surely good feel and swing will follow me
through all the tunes of each set,
And I will dwell in the pocket
the whole gig long. Amen.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose - Elliott

Can you believe this from the International Express: Your stars by Justin Toper: Virgo - Venus in your sign opposes Ur-anus and you may not recognize yourself! WHAT!!! Ha Ha

Save the Earth. It's the only planet with chocolate. - Meredith Burger

If you don't select a destiny, a destiny selects you. Glenn Veale 2008

My mind works like lightning, one brilliant flash and it's gone. Lloyd Martin 2008

Politicians are like diapers, they should be changed frequently and for the same reason

Of all the things I've lost in my life, I miss my mind the most...

You'll know that God is all you need when God is all you've got - Anonymous

A.R.K - Change the world with one Act of Random Kindness at a time - Evan Almighty

“It may not be an automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God makes every daisy separately, but has never tired of making them. It may be that He has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old and our Father is younger than we” G.K.Chesterton